The Season 3 of the Famous Anime Series ‘Black Clover’ has Left Fans Wanting for More, Anticipating for Season 4 More Vigorously

Black clover is a famous series that talks about how everyone in the clover kingdom possessed the inborn abilities in them to perform magic. This series was released in 2017, and has a total of 3 seasons, with the 3rd season being the last and the final one. 

The third season did receive a lot of love from the fans mainly because of the last episode. 

The story is about two friends and rivals Asta and Yuno who are prepared to take the magic exam, which will tell if they have the inbound magic talent in them or not. Even though people did not support them saying they were just wasting their time, he- Asta, the main character, still continued to move forward and never gave up the training. 

                                                        pic credits- otakukart

The anime fans are really crazy about this series because of the themes the show brings forward.  The show brings to us – two main themes – self-confidence Asta has in him and the second – healthy competition he follows. 

Despite knowing that his other friend is his rival, he still considers the competition between them to be healthy. He never treats him like a rival only but also makes sure to always lift his friend up. 

Season 3 of this series was a success and had a total of 52 episodes.  In this season the plot is about when Asta possesses so much power- a sword that he is able to remove the poison from his own adopted father and even the other people who are affected. He is shown so strong in this season, that he has healing powers and can turn every negative into positive.  

Talking about the reviews, this show was really loved by people and what amazed everyone the most was the last episode of season 3 – “ the lion awakens” was just breathtaking. 

 I would recommend you to watch this amazing series.  Stay updated for any latest news!