‘Wasp’ Continues to be One of the Most Powerful and Popular Characters in Marvel Comics Universe, and Rightfully so – A Review

Wasp is one of the most powerful and popular characters of the avengers because of her special abilities. Like no other, she possesses the ability to shrink whenever necessary and even can fly when in need.   She is the daughter of a world-renowned scientist, Vernon Van Dyne, who is a famous star and founding member of avengers. 

She followed her father’s vision, so now she is one of the most loved characters by the fans now. These two main abilities are what make her the strongest and also a bit free from risk. 

                              pic credits- heroic Bollywood


She, along with her partner, Ant-man, fights every battle with ease. No matter how evil the situation might be, they never set back. Their fighting spirit and victory makes us believe that yes heroes do not require to be the tallest; some smallest size fighters can be the one who ends it all as well. As Wasp has the ability to turn it into even the smallest size to that of an insect or even small, it can convert itself, and also, when the task is done, it can regain her previous strength too. 

Another famous quality of flying makes her very different, and when the Wasp activates that power, insect-like wings develop.  Also, she has the power to discharge energy from her hands in the form of a string that will be harmful to the enemy. 

Not only her powers, but her fashion sense throughout the show is a pic that makes her charming.  The attitude she has is the boldest as well as the sweetest. Shrinking and flying aren’t her skills, but on normal days as well, she has a strong bond with the insects and controls their movement.