Altered Carbon: Season 3 of the Gushed Series will Again See a New Actor in the Protagonist’s Role as Anthony Mackie is Set to be Replaced

Altered Carbon is one of the most famous Netflix series with a very interesting concept. The series is already done with the second season. In the first season, we saw a warrior known as “The Last Envoy” who finds himself in another body. The character is named Takeshi Kovacs. Before, Joel Kinnaman was portraying this character. However, in the second season, we saw Anthony Mackie replaced Joel Kinnaman for the role of Takeshi Kovacs.

Why the actors portraying the main character keep changing?

Since the series is already based on the plot that the main role Takeshi Kovacs keeps changing bodies with the same soul, enters into different timelines and different adventures each time he chooses a new body. So there is news everywhere that for season 3, a new actor will replace Anthony Mackie.

So who will be replacing Anthony Mackie?

This time we will see Yun Lee for the role of Kovacs. As we already know, the series is flexible and indeed need different actors for the same character.

Further changes in the cast we expect are Chris corner as Edgar Poe and Renee Elise Goldsberry as Guellrist Falconer. According to the creators of the show, we will see a lot of answers to a lot of queries in this upcoming season. Since season 2 has already put us in doubt about so many personalities. One of the main questions being, “what happened to Kovacs and his sibling Relieen”.

The first season was released in 2018, and it has already been two years since we are already waiting for the third season. However, there is no confirmation of release date yet because of this pandemic hitting world-wide. Below is the trailer of season 2 of the show.