Why did Gwen Stefani cancel her concert at Las Vegas? Read to know the real answer behind this.

Gwen Stefani is an American singer, songwriter, actress and record producer. She is cancelling her show in Las Vegas due to some health issues.

On Twitter, she tweets I am so sorry, but I am still not feeling well & will be unable to perform my #JustAGirlVegas show Saturday, February 8. She wrote that refunds of the show will be available at the original point from where they’ve been purchased.

Stefani promised her fans that she is doing all possible things so that she can perform by the last of this month. In an another tweet she wrote that she is doing everything to get well soon and is planning to get back on stage by February 12 – 22. Further she thanked all her fans for their well wishes and hopes to see them in Vegas soon.

It is not the first time that she has cancelled her show in Las Vegas residency due to illness. In the month of July, she has cancelled the show as she was unwell.

Recently during the Grammy award function held last month, Stefani rocked the stage with her boyfriend cum singer Blake Shelton. They performed on their love song i.e. Nobody But You for the first time. Everyone present in the function appreciated their performance and gave them standing ovation.

The beautiful couple told during the red carpet that while the song wasn’t initially written to be a duet, they realized that it would be the perfect song to sing together.
They told that when they listened to the song they actually realized that the song will be perfect only when they sing together. Shelton said you won’t believe that we were in the gym and he was watching her work out while listening her song and he just said we need to sing this together and I didn’t know it will be that much hit. Shelton added that he and Stefani will sing together forever.

Music is a part of our everyday life anyway together, so performing here. When asked about his pre performance nervousness he said, It’s the Grammys, so we are nervous about that, but the actual performing together is just what we do.