Who is She? On What It Was Like Being Mistaken For Taylor: Taylor Swift’s Emmys Lookalike Eve Coffman.


On Sunday night, enthusiasts of the Grammy champ could not quiet down when they spotted what had all the earmarks of being their fave artist on celebrity central at the function. Live From the Red Carpet meets with Giuliana Rancic and Milo Ventimiglia, falcon looked at watchers saw a blonde lady with pink tips in her hair, remaining out of sight. The same number of Taylor Swift fans will know, the hotshot has been shaking pink hair during her Lover time, which is the reason they made the association. Too bad, it was not Swift at the function, it was a Los Angeles vocalist musician named Eve Coffman.

Eve Coffman, a senior writing major at the University of California, Santa Cruz, woke up Tuesday morning to a whirlwind of abnormal writings. A couple of evenings prior, she had gone to the Emmys just because with her mom Jodi Delaney, who runs the Television Academy Foundation. It was her first time setting off to the entertainment ceremony, and she picked a pale pink Anthropologie dress to coordinate her pink-tipped blonde hair. In any case, clearly, in the 36 hours, since the function had finished, the web had turned out to be persuaded that Eve Coffman was not Eve Coffman by any means: she was Taylor Swift. With her blonde hair and pink tips, Coffman looked suspiciously like Swift from a remote place during E’s! Celebrity main street communicate. She took after Swift such a great amount, actually, that her essence started tweets and articles considering whether Swift was showing up at the Emmys.

Coffman outed herself as Swift’s carbon copy on her Twitter yesterday, and her tweet has just piled on preferences. Include the way that Coffman is a Taylor Swift fan, and it is especially dreamlike. She was overwhelmed by this, and it is very refreshing to have such a symbol of hers, somebody she can gaze upward to and need to resemble [be] the explanation she is turning into an image, she said.