Who is Ingrid Prisby? Want to know all about the series and its latest updates? Don’t worry, we have got it all covered here.

What if a stranger knows all your secrets and reveals some of the darkest desires of your own family members. It’s more than just the worst as the lies or the secrets which we kept within ourselves. “The Stranger” is all about the person who opens the vault of secrets which befalls on its victim nothing less than a bomb.

And, to do the job perfectly “The Stranger” takes the help of her accomplice Ingrid Prisby. Much about this character is unknown and viewers can’t stop bickering about the fact who is Ingrid Prisby. As, she is the one who reveals those deeply hidden lies to the stranger.

Ingrid Prisby, for now, Is just the person who let the stranger know what’s the secret of every other person she meets and every-time she revealed a secret, she always uses it as a matter of mischief and deceit.

In the episode, the protagonist was somehow able to find out about the stranger’s car which was registered under the name of Ingrid Prisby, which is when Martin helps Adam so that he could be able to trace “The Stranger”.

Fans were thinking that Stranger was a superhuman but it seems now that maybe Ingrid Prisby is a superhuman, The series has been adapted in a different manner than the book was and some of the names were also changed.

Ingrid Prisby played by Lily Loveless and Stranger are both scamming people so that they could be able to open up a beach bar in Hawaii and there’s more to that, As the stranger only attacks those families which are happy and living in prosperity which could say that she is giving it back to the world who was cruel to her.

So, with that maybe we need to wait for season 2 of strangers so that Ingrid Prisby’s character becomes more clear to us.