What is “Another Life” series all about? And why are people getting hooked to it? Read to find out all about it.

Another Life is a web television series in America which is based on science fiction. It was created by Aaron Martin, who has shown on Netflix on 25th July 2019.

Another Life Season 2 release date and updated news

Another Life | Sci-Fi drama | Netflix | Season 1

Season 2 is confirmed which announced by the lead actress Katee Sackhoff in October 2019. Another Life follows Katee Sackhoff’s Niko Breckenridge as she ventures into space on a dangerous mission to save humanity, which created by Aaron Martin.  A strange alien artifact has appeared on earth, and while scientists investigate its origin. Breckenridge is sent out into space with a crew to investigate the artifact’s origins.

As they said, the Another Season is coming, but it still takes a little more time to reach the people. The show originally announced in April 2018, and the Production ran from August to November of the same year. Season 1 wasn’t released seven months later. The production might start in February or March 2020 and end in May or June if it is similar to season 1. Then it would be released after seven months later i.e., December 2020 or January 2021.

Another Life Season 2 cast

Another Life | Science- Fiction drama | Netflix | Season 1

The two people might be back in this season, also named Sasha (Jake Abel) and The Salvare’s original captain, Ian (Tyler Houchin). The rest of the main cast will return, and the people will see some other cast in the season also as the ship’s crew. The show points are already out so that there are plenty of potential characters sleeping in the soma tubes. If they will be required, then they joined with it.

If the producers are worked smartly, then they will try to add more fan-favorite stars from Battlestar Galactia for joining Sackhoff again in space. Season 2 will pick up where Season 1 was ended or left off. It will follow Niko as she rushes back to Earth so she can warn humanity about the Achaia and their true intentions behind it.