When Is Dragon Prince Season 4 Arriving On Netflix? Read to know the release date, plot and latest updates.

The popular American- Canadian anime Series The Dragon Prince managed to gain  huge popularity right from its release  on Netflix. The streaming service has renewed the series for three back to back seasons and now fans are curious to know about the fourth season and what all can anime fanatics expect from it.


The Dragon Prince Season 4: Is It Releasing Anytime Soon Or We Need To Wait A While.

The show has been produced by Wonderstorm and animated by Bardel Entertainment and first aired back in September 2018. Now that it has completed three great seasons, is a fourth season is coming on enough or not?


Fans might be happy to know that the fourth season has been greenlit by Netflix and is all set to air sometime around 2020 Fans must be wondering that there’s a long wait to do as it is still a long way to go. However, no official release date has been announced yet.

Is Season 4 Getting Cancelled Anytime Soon? Fans Might Be Speculating The Same.

Although there’s still that might make fans worry a bit as reportedly the animator was in a contract with the producers for only three seasons. Moreover, Danika Harrod who is the voice of Wonderstorm has also posted something that makes a rather huge revelation stating  that production has ended with season three. However, Netflix has not revealed anything about it yet.


With Netfllix still not making any Revelation the future of the series still remains hanging I’m thin air and all we need to lookout for is the fourth season which might not be coming back on the streaming giant after all!Well, we still are hopeful about a renewal for Season4!