Dr. Stone season 2 coming out soon? Check out release date, plot and latest updates of this Japanese manga series.

2020 wasn’t a great year for many. Not only were there health losses for people, but also economic losses in a variety of forms. Now and then we hear of news about the cancellation of the upcoming seasons of series or movies. Fans become surprised if the trailer or the teaser for any of their shows release for a watch. It won’t be a surprise if we woke up to the news about a season being scraped off. What would be surprising is the pieces of confirmed news about their release. With all the negativity around, gamers and fans of series wish to hear good information about their favorite shows.


A bunch of series has had an unbeatable and bad faith, while some got lucky enough for their shooting to have completed before the pandemic shut their industries and all that they were left with was the post-production work and slight touch-up works. 

What are the recent updates on Dr. Stone’s season 2?


With the first season over, the series was eagerly awaited by the fans for its renewal of the second season. The second season will not only continue the story that stopped in the first series but also brings new revelations. The trailer of the season made it clear that the series is being awaited for the second season soon. The trailer seemed fun to watch and was something the fans were eagerly waiting for. 

So when can we expect the season to be out?

The release of the season is expected to be in January 2021 on a rough estimate. If things function well, the release should not be affected as is evident by the status quo of the series. Indeed, a piece of great news for the fans to ponder upon and feel delighted about.