Why Is Log Horizon Not Yet Renewed Further For Season 3 After Five Long Years? Check out release date, cast, plot, and all updates.

Popular anime series Log Horizon has been renewed for two back to back season. The second season pretty much aired in 2014 and continued till 2015. However, it’s been almost five years and fans are yet to see the future of the anime series.


Is Popular Anime Series Log Horizon Season 3 Going To Release Soon Enough?

While this prolonged wait convinced fans that the show might not be returning, after all, it’s been recently revealed that the makers finally are coming back with a brand new season 3!

Apparently, the third season will be returning and is reportedly going to air in Japan this October. As per some rumors, the makers did not have enough story materials to renew the show for a third season which apparently led to the delay for over five years.

The Oficial Release of The Third Season Is Announced!

The third season might take up the incinerate of the Round table and this time more vicious villains might be coming to make the season all the more action packed. Moreover, Shiroe might fave more challenges on his way this time. Who will win at last? Is there more hurdles on the way? We will get to know once the third season releases soon.


With the global pandemic affecting production all over the world, the makers are yet to make any decision however with the years going by the fans are eagerly waiting for an announcement for an upcoming third season official release date which will take a the story further for the virtual games. We sure are excited to see what’s next for these fighters and that’s only possible once the third season releases soon eenough.we sure are eagerly waiting for it!