When And What To Expect From Season 5 Of The Last Kingdom? Deets inside.

The Last Kingdom just finished off with season 4, with Uhtred of Bebbanburg resolute in fighting his challengers and taking back his kingdom (and his birthright) he had lost to the invading Danes.

We saw Uhtred’s struggles with his inner self as far as both the past and the future go. The show has ample stories to tell, and loads of gruesome battles to invite fans to view before the series is over. Season 4 was great and was one of the trending shows on Netflix. With the last season raking up all the viewers, it becomes quite certain the show will return for season 5. Here’s what we have on season 5.

When will ‘The Last Kingdom’ Season 5 come out?

Currently, we have an official word on when to expect Season 5. Netflix has not confirmed that the series will return, and with coronavirus pandemic halting everything, it might take some time before we see what happens next. Talking to the executive producer of the show, Nigel Marchant, fans questioned if season five had been given the green light, and they were keen to know what would happen in the new series.

Marchant replied: “We would love to bring a series give, all of us want to tell a story, and it would make it more satisfying if we could tell a complete story. We really do love making them; everyone is a family. We would love to carry on, so fingers crossed.”

Fans will surely love to know the cast and producers are not worn-out of the show just yet, and they have high faith fifth season.

‘The Last Kingdom’ Season 5 Plot?

The story will continue from Bernard Cornwells’ The Saxon Stories” the fifth season of The Last Kingdom will likely be based on Book 9, Warriors of the Storm and Book 10, The Flame Bearer. In the 9th Book, Warriors of the Storm, Uhtred controls the property of north- Mercia while he is the city of Chester. Opposition kingdoms continue to rise up to suppress him all the way through The Flame Bearer.

In the Flame Bearer, though, Uhtred has an opening to regain his home, taken by his disloyal uncle years ago, as his cousin is still in abode there.

There are numerous paths the story could go. Unfortunately, there’s been no sign where Netflix plans on taking the story just yet, but you can always read the Saxton Stores to find out how the story will progress.