Anna Kendrick Made A Candid Confession About Her Filming Experience In Twillight: and apparently it was pure torture!

While the Twilight film franchise almost broke all box office records and can’t be pretty much hooked to the human-vampire love story as well. While the story went on to be a great box office success, one of the cast members of the film has made a rather interesting revelation.

Anna Kendrick Describes Her Shooting Experience For Twilight As A Hostage Situation.

Anna Kendrick who played the role of Bella’s high school friend Jessica has rather different experiences altogether. She describes it as a rather a hostage situation! While Anna’s role was not that big and was not a big part of all the four movies, the shooting part was not any less gruesome!

Anna Kendrick recalled the shooting happening in Oregon and Portland and the actress was cold and miserable most of the time! The actress went on to use a bit of humor saying that she was almost like in a hostage situation and they all were bonded for life! Even in the film, Bella complains about the cold and harsh weather of the place. That’s how reel- real life truths collide with each other!

The Actress Recalled The Cold And Difficult Weather The Cast Members Had To Face While Shooting.

No matter how small the role was, Jessica’s character was a crucial one. Moreover, Anna’s hard work and difficult shooting situation in cold weather did pay off as the actress had good exposure in the film and made a popular face over time.

While Stephanie Mayer is planning to release another book called The Midnight Sun, Jessica’s role will surely pop up yet again! We would surely want Jessica to have a bigger role this time as well.