TENET: Christopher Nolan is Returning with a New Action Thriller to Blow Off Your Minds Again

‘TENET’ is another action thriller of many other movies coming this year. The movie is written by Christopher Nolan. This new movie has already got some attention but here all the other details you need to know about.

Christopher Nolan is a well-known writer and people are already waiting for this movie. Well unfortunately the release date of the movie is not confirmed yet. The main reason behind this non-confirmation is the pandemic world is facing. The release date would surely be postpone due to COVID-19. However the pre decided release date was 17th July this year. So we just don’t know how many days it will be postponed for.

The trailer of the movie has been already released. And as interesting or confusing the trailer may seem it movie would be much more interesting than the movie. In trailer we saw a secret agent being dead and waking up into the after-life, he is somehow told that he has to save the world from the third world war. John David Washington would be seen as the main character. In the trailer too we saw, various accidents being reversed. The movie has some amazing effects and the movie would be worth watching in the theater.


The main cast of the movie includes John David Washington, Robert Pattinson, Dimple Kapadia, Kenneth Branagh, Elisabeth Debicki, Sean Avery, Himesh Patel and Denzil Smith. These all are some well-known famous actors therefore it will be worth watching these actors into some awesome movie characters.

Some Spoilers!

This movie has a huge budget of $205 million and is shot on IMAX camera giving the whole movie a real feel and effect. Meanwhile, the main concern of all the fans right now is about the release date. Fans are eager to know about how many days would the movie be postpone.