What will happen with ASAP Rocky? Is he Victim or Culprit?

Rakim Mayers know by his stage name ASAP ROCKY. He is an American songwriter, producer, rapper, singer and model. Rocky started rapping when he was 9 in Pennsylvania. After the release of a music video, for his song “Purple Swag,” he became noticeable. Mayer’s career graph is full of ups and downs. He is a name among millions who struggled hard to get at the peak.

What will happen with ASAP Rocky? Is he Victim or Culprit? 3

In 2004 Mayer was imprisoned for drug dealing. Again in 2012, he was arrested for attacking a man. In 2013, Mayer slapped a woman in an American Fest. Well, the case was dismissed as the witness did not reach the court. In 2019 he was arrested again in Sweden, for beating a man. The victim was beaten and cut with broken glass bottles.

Rocky has now been released by Sweden court. He was allowed to go back to the US temporarily. Rocky said that he is grateful that the judge permitted him to return. He thanked his fans and friends as well, for continually supporting him. Rocky is not at all guilty for hitting the man. According to him, whatever he did, was for self-defense as the situation was scary for him.

The maximum imprisonment in Sweden for such assaults is for two years. According to the Prosecution, Rocky and his friends could have abandoned the place, but they did not. There was no need for mishitting a 19-year-old man. The final judgment of the case would be released in August. Rocky claims that he has been robbed and threatened in the past. The 19-year-old man could have caused harm to him. The man followed him, and Rocky thought, that if he would not take any action, the situation might go out of his hands.

According to the victim, he was looking for his friend. He approached Rocky to inquire about his friend. The victim has also claimed loss of 139700 Swedish Krona. On Thursday, different shreds of evidence were analyzed, and the Cctv footage was seen as well. The victim’s damage is because of some sharp objects.