What New Mind- Boggling New Twists Can We Expect From Stranger Things Season 4? Here is everything you need to know.

After a mind-boggling third season finale, fans were pretty much convinced that a Stranger Things season 4 is definitely happening!


What Can We Expect From Stranger Things Season4!

Netflix soon confirmed the renewal.news and alongside released a short reader that answered on of the mot talked about question! Jim Hopper is very much alive and seems to be in a desolated place in Russia with a new avatar. However, considering it is Stranger Things we are talking about, we are really not sure how things are going to turn out in reality!


While there’s still some time before the gang returns with another season of mind boggling twists, Netflix has been posting small teasers and images on social media! From the looks of it, a lot is in store for fans.



The series writers team revealed on social media that the script for the fourth season is done, and while production did start for the upcoming new season it had to be halted midway due to the pandemic terror. Moreover, David Harbour has revealed that the release date might get pushed back due to the sudden delay in production. So, the Stranger Things season 4 might be coming sometime around the next year itself. 


With Hopper Being Alive, What Next For Him And The Gang In Season 4?

While Jim Hopper is alive which surely is a relief for fans, we wonder who was the American that the security guards were talking about in the third season finale? Now that Eleven has lost her powers, what will be her next big step and who will rescue Hopper? This social edit image has also revealed the first episode title as well, here it is !