The Real Life Couple From Outer Banks, Groove To The Latest Tunes Of Kygo In This Beautiful Music Video! Check it out.

It seems like the two stars from Netflix hit show Outer Banks were spotted together having some fun while shooting for a music video at the Carolina Beach and Fort Fisher.

The Cute Couple  From Outer Banks Dances To The Groovy Tunes Of Kygo’s Latest Music!

The two celebs namely Chase Stokes and Madelyn Cline, who are also real-life pair stars as John B and Sarah in the hit Netflix series.

The two seem to be falling love all over again to the music of Kygo’s new remix of Donna Summer’s iconic 1979 dance jam, Hot Stuff. The owner of the Lighthouse films, Brad Walker further stated that shooting for the music video took place in July keeping in mind all the strict COVID- 19 rules and regulations. Here’s a little sneak peek into the music video and it is justifying the title in every way possible!

The Kygo Music Video Gives Us Major 70s Vibe!

The music video had been displaying all kinds of cool light and the location at The Fat Pelican allowed the makers to bring the whole 70s vibe in the place. As Walker described it as it was just like walking into an art decorator’s dream! Here are some images from behind the shooting set during the making of the music video.

Moreover, to make everything seems all the more authentic, Walker also.used a classic Bolex 1954 handheld camera to capture the scene in a strip- style footage. The pair is also going to be busy with the production of the second season of Outer Banks in Charleston. If you have haven’t already seen the video, don’t miss it for sure, it is giving us some major 70s vibe!