Rick and Morty: What Makes us Like and Dislike Grandpa Rick? Read His Full Story Below.

Rick and Morty is an American television series, which was released in  2013 and has had a total of 4 seasons now. It is based on science fiction comedy and is a story of a grandfather, Rick, and his grandson, Morty.

We all love Rick, but he is one multifarious character who we would want to cuddle sometimes and then smack other times.

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Why we would love to smack Rick?

1. Rick does not care about anyone else but himself. When he is not able to maintain his relationship well with his wife. He abandoned his family, even his daughter. If he was a family person, he would be there for his daughter, but instead, he left everything and disappeared, and came back in their lives, when everything had become pretty normal. 

2. He never cared about the damage he had been doing to his daughter and her family; he was never interested in making things fine. It was his thinking that trying to make things better would not work; according to him, putting an effort was nothing but useless. To cope up with his problems,  he turns himself into an invisible pickle. 

3. He is seen in an episode, searching for mega tree seeds, and takes it as an adventure to find them. He knows it is not legal to plant such trees, so instead of doing it himself, he asks Morty to do it for him, to prevent the risks. 

4. He always takes impulsive decisions, not realizing the consequences. He tries to set up Jessica with Morty, but things backfire and instead takes a negative turn. Then he thinks about something else, but it backfires as well. 

5. He is not at all generous and hates the world, and to destroy it; he develops as many ways as possible to destroy the earth. What he did was beyond horrifying, he develops his own bomb, not even one but multiple. 

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Why we love Rick?

1. He is a very genuine artist and has a lot of knowledge about the science field, which makes him more intelligent and brighter than the other characters. He has worked on a lot of things in the show. 

2. Rick is involved in loving and making himself grow so much that he does not care about the world, which is, in fact, good quality if the whole world is against you. 

3. He is very determined with whatever he wants to do. Opinions of other people do not change his mindset, if he determines to do something, no matter what he will achieve them.

4. He is a cool plus smart guy; he knows how to get his work done. Just because he is mean, does not mean he is not humble enough to deal with people. 

5. he feels peace when he is alone; he is more of a self-absorbed person, which makes him different.