Netflix’s Anime ‘EDEN’ Set To Release Globally Very Soon. Check Out All the Details Below.

EDEN is a science-fiction anime series and absolutely new on Netflix. The series is created by Justin Leach and directed by Yashiro Irie, who is known for directing the “Full Metal Alchemist” series. EDEN is an original series and is not licensed from any other studio yet. Qubic Pictures and CGCG Studios are the main two studios behind bring EDEN.

Release date

Nixon Netflix tweeted the first look for EDEN. The tweet ensures that the series will only have four episodes. The release date of the series is not confirmed yet, but we know for sure that the series will release in 2020. However, the month of release is not confirmed for now. Since EDEN is made in Japan and so many of us may think that it will release in Japan first. But it is not the case; the whole series would indeed release on Netflix worldwide.


A teaser for this show is already released six months earlier on YouTube by Netflix. The released trailer is in the Japanese language but with English subtitles. Therefore the chances are that the whole series will also be in Japanese.


The plot of the show is very interesting, and therefore the plot is very well woven. It is about time one thousand years from now when there will be no human population in the city of Eden 3. The whole city is inhabited just by robots since all the humans disappeared a long time ago. But two framing robots in a mission outside Eden discover a human baby girl, and they are shocked to find her. Since it was rather believed that humans did never exist, and it was all a myth. Therefore the two robots take the child outside Eden since it is not safe in their city to bring a human, and they raise her. This whole concept of this series is purely original.