What is going on in Amber Heard’s life? Here’s what you might want to know about her double life.

Here is an actress who is more famous off screen than on

Amber Heard’s stint in Hollywood is similar to almost any other actor: she has delivered both hits and flops. But what she’s more known for is her personal life which looks to be mired in hypocrisy. Let’s take a look at her past relationships and times when she had trouble with the law.


The one who abuses or got abused?

Heard met Johnny Depp in 2012 and got married to him in 2015. But she filed for divorce from the actor in less than 4 months citing domestic abuse. In a declaration, she talked about how verbally and physically abusive Depp was, and she even showed her bruised face. Investigations took place but found no evidence. Later, Heard didn’t file a criminal report either.


Heard was arrested back in 2009 for alleged domestic violence against partner Tasya van Ree, a photographer, and she was booked for misdemeanour. It never went ahead however, since both women lived in California.

Speaking on the issue, Heard said it was “over sensationalised” and called the officers who came to arrest her as “homophobic” and “misogynistic.” But one of the officers was in fact a gay woman and said that the arrest was made due to an assault.


Heard always talked about being “fiercely independent” but she still asked for $50,000 a month from Depp as spousal support, despite having her very own career.

Depp also alleged in his lawsuit that Heard had an affair with Tesla CEO Elon Musk while they were still married. But Musk denied everything and said that they only started dating once the divorce had been finalized.


But in February 2020, Daily Mail obtained an audio clip of the couple where Heard was admitting that she had physically assaulted Depp but was also mocking him saying that nobody was going to believe that he was a victim of domestic abuse. The court remains to proceed with the rest of the case.


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