[MAJOR UPDATE JUNE 2020] Drifters season 2: is second season coming? Check out release dates, spoilers and latest updates.

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It’s the fourth year since season 1 released and we are still unsure about season two

Drifters got its anime adaptation in 2016 and had been a huge success. It was created by Kouta Hirano, the same person who created Hellsing and is a fantasy story comprising of extraordinary individuals. The anime was successful and carries great potential for future seasons as well. Aside from the twelve episodes shown in season 1, there were four special episodes as well, that finished airing by 2018.

Spoilers are ahead, so proceed at your own discretion.

Season 2 details

In the last special episode, which was called ‘The Outlandish Knight,’ we get to see Kan’no Naoshi assembling all the anthropomorphic tribes as one. He has become their king and has grown in strength as well.

When season one was finished, we got a short message from the creators saying there is going to be a second season and it would return in 20XX. Well, that’s reassuring to say the least. In April 2020, the update we got was that season 2 of Drifters will be released sometime in 2022, if inside sources are to be believed. But the animation studio, Hoods Drifters Studio has remained mum on the matter.

The story is about some historical figures are summoned to an unknown world to put their strengths and skills to the test. The world is under peril and the Wizards who inhabit it decide to summon these figures or drifters as they come to be known. The world is filled with humans as well as mythological creatures such as elves, dwarfs, hobbits, giants and even dragons.

Hopefully, the studio will release updates regarding the next season. We will be updating the information at that time.

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