What is brewing between Jaden Smith and Tyler, The creator? Find all about their affair inside!

Famous rapper and actor, Jaden Smith is known since a very young age for his acting in Karate Kid as well as for his song, ‘Never Say Never’ and ‘Falcon.’ He is a 22-year-old guy born in the California US.

While coming to his personal life, he always remains in the news for his love life. He dated Sarah Synder, an Instagram queen, and also in connection with Kylie Jenner in the past. But since 2018, he is in a relationship with American rapper and songwriter Tyler, The Creator.

Smith confessed to fans about his affair with ‘Tyler while performing at a live concert in Los Angeles, USA. Further, at the stage, he admitted that he and Tyler are in a relationship. Moreover, he also told that Tyler feels uncomfortable to admit their relationship in public.

This news escalated when Jaden used twitter to congratulate Tyler for winning Grammy Awards at Golden Globe 2020. He tweets, ‘My Boyfriend won Grammy.’ However, Tyler replied by saying only ‘HaHa,’ which validates that something is brewing between them.

Jaden Smith expresses his feeling for Tyler from time to time in the public domain. But Tyler hesitates to share their affairs in media and public discourse. The Tyler never expressed such feeling, Unlike Jaden Smith.

All the happening will be confirmed when Tyler accepts and confess his affair with Jaden on the social platform. Recently, Will Smith spoke on Television about the deteriorating health condition of Jaden Smith. The duo confirmed the reason behind the weakening health is due to the following of a Vegan diet. Now he is taking proper protein such as Omega 3 to recover.

Stay tuned with us more updates regarding the story!