Kendall Jenner is facing Mental Health issues again!! Find what she revealed.

Kendall Jenner recently shared her mental health and anxiety issues openly. In a recent interview, she revealed that anxiety problems are sometimes she had since her childhood.

Kendall is spreading awareness about mental health issues and anxiety, as many of us are facing this issue any only few of us admit it and go for doctor consultation. She is also joined by renowned fashion designer Kenneth Cole.

When she was asked about her first anxiety attack, she said,” I was too young, and I remember, I felt like I was not able to breathe. I was venting to my mother and being like,’Mom; I feel like L can’t breathe. Some time must be wrong, and she, of course, took me to a bunch of doctors just to make sure that I was okay physically, but no one told me that I had anxiety.”

Jenner shared that growing up from childhood with this problem make her learn how to manage it, but maybe like two or three years ago, unfortunately, it came back, and this time, it was unbearable and was affecting her modeling career in more than one ways.

She also shared that it been just a few years since she knew about anxiety is a thing, after facing it for a long period of time. And that is what motivated her to start an awareness campaign about anxiety and mental health issues.

Kendall told that she just wanted that no one else has faced that problem she faced, due to lack of information. This awareness campaign consists of sharing her personal experiences related to anxiety through videos post on Instagram.

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