What exactly does “False Twin Flame” mean and how does it affect your life?

Many relationships go unexplained in aspects ranging from commitments to their temporary existence or short life. When two individuals are meant to be together, they will make way for each other. For those who are not into a serious relationship will be seen running away from the other partner to escape any commitment as they are not serious with their relationship.


What challenges those individuals more is that they are not spotted easily, the people who love each other neglect the shortcomings in their partners. That is something that science has confirmed too. Some signs that the two individuals do not truly love each other are mentioned in this article. 

  1. Commitment issues- the individuals who truly love each other will make a way to reunite after every fight or differences that are born between them. however, those who are not serious with their relationship can do anything to avoid staying together. This may be faking promises or not assuring the other person that they will keep their relations with them.
  2. Distance- those individuals who wish to remain together will ensure to keep near their loved ones. Those who have a false relationship will distance themselves from those who they are with for no commitment and only for selfish purposes.


  1. Excuses- those with feelings for the other will overcome all the hurdles that can come on an individual’s path to remain together, those who have no interest in their partner will find every silly reason to excuse some time with their partners. This is a clear indication of what jokes a relationship can have on the other individual.
  2. Confusion about everything- if one is determined to maintain their relationship with their partners, they will necessitate it regardless of the troubles. 

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