These are the traits in a woman that can make a man fall head over heels in love with her!

Love is a feeling that every individual experience in their life. The individuals who fall for each other look for traits that best suit their nature and have common points of love in the other. The list below explains 6 features that can make a man fall in love with a female.

  1. Her personality- an overall good person, unique voice, facial features, her laugh, her expressions, and her reaction towards the man in friendship has a lot to do with when someone can fall for her. if she can attract the other individual with those traits, the two are said to be in love.
  2. Happiness- fairy tales tell us about a man making a woman fall in love with her and chances for a female to fall in love with the man is when she’s unhappy and the man who manages to make her smile eventually wins over her hearts, however, the feeling is both ways, a man needs love as much as a female does.
  3. When she is accepting of the feeling- some people have bad moods due to a certain chain of events that might have occurred in their lives which saddens them terribly and becomes tough to repair. However, a lady who is accepting of love will be able to attract a maximum of men. 
  4. Her feelings- a positive person can attract any male as much as a beautiful woman in appearance can. It is important for those who desire for love to be positive about life and other things and not see things pessimistically.
  5. Her liveliness- an individual who is more open to exploring life and wishes to stay happy is also the one who attracts a majority of men.
  6. Purpose and passion- a female who is passionate about life and love is the one who can attract others better. A directionless mind is not preferred by anyone as that invites confusion and dilemmas.