Welcome to Wrexham: SURPRISINGLY, Ryan Reynolds EXPOSES the DEADPOOL Connection in the WELCOME TO WREXHAM Trailer!

There is a reference to Deadpool in the new Welcome to Wrexham trailer, which was launched by Ryan Reynolds. A little youngster offered a sweet explanation for why he and Rob McElhenney decided to take on the responsibility of running a football team as they responded to queries from the Wrexham AFC supporters. Simply said, Wrexham and Deadpool are both red.

A new TV programme starring Hollywood actor Ryan Reynolds and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia creator Rob McElhenney is likely to conjure up images of crude jokes, numerous cringe-worthy situations, and an abundance of humour involving the body. But that’s not at all what the first teaser for their new Welcome to Wrexham FX series, which follows the pair’s journey after they jointly bought a UK soccer club, shows. Instead, there is a lot of heart and good-natured enthusiasm in this undertaking. with a few Deadpool allusions, of course.

As seen by the teaser up above, Ryan Reynolds is not searching for the owner of a glass soccer cleat in Welcome to Wrexham; rather, it is more of an underdog tale similar to Cinderella. It’s about a little working-class village where, for better or worse, ambitions and dreams are connected to the neighbourhood soccer club. And it generally gets worse because the squad has a history of having difficult seasons. But is all that is truly required just a pair of American thugs showing up unprepared to the party? Maybe, just maybe.

If anyone expected Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney’s next endeavour to be more of a lighthearted romp, they were wrong. Even if the clip contains some humorous moments, it is obvious that the duo put their hearts and souls into this endeavour. Even if they didn’t actually have any connections to the club itself, as they phrased it in the funny dialogue described below.

There have undoubtedly been sports-related decisions based on factors weaker than “Deadpool and Wrexham sharing a prime colour,” to be sure. In any event, as seen by the cosplaying fan below, the young fan and his father were most likely not the only Wrexham supporters excited by the team’s tangential association with the Merc with the Mouth.

Even though I knew I’d be let down, I couldn’t shake the sense that Charlie from It’s Always Sunny would appear in the backdrop wearing his trademark Green Man outfit. Of course, it didn’t, probably because the conduct was less heinous than what the group was used to. That cast needs Deadpool to join them sometime.

However, there is nothing repulsive about the trailer, which has the atmosphere of a sports movie for the whole family. comparable to The Sandlot, but with millionaires. However, since McElhenney and Reynolds’ acquisition was more of a passion endeavour than something based on financial advantages, even the scepticism typically associated with celebrity brand ownership is set aside in this case. Which may seem obvious considering how few billionaires assert that purchasing soccer teams in the fifth tier was their key to success.

But even beyond their own individual passion for the Red Dragons, I have to believe that a significant portion of Welcome to Wrexham’s appeal will be observing the players and the locals grow more fervent as the community’s confidence rises as a result of Rob McElhenney and Ryan Reynolds’ involvement. Assuming that it all doesn’t blow up in everyone’s faces, of course, but I don’t foresee a lot of sadness in the show’s future.

Welcome to Wrexham will premiere on FX on Wednesday, August 24, at 10:00 p.m., with episodes also accessible to anybody with a Hulu membership, as fans eagerly anticipate the long-awaited Deadpool 3 and the third season of the renowned Apple TV+ series Mythic Quest. Visit our 2022 TV debut calendar to learn more about upcoming new and returning series.