SURPRISINGLY Amanda Seyfried EXCLUDED from ‘Wicked’ Movie Over Ariana Grande as Glinda!!

In Wicked, Amanda Seyfried auditioned for the role of Glinda.

According to the actress, 36, playing the benevolent witch in the forthcoming film rendition of the popular musical was really a long-held fantasy.

“I was personally auditioning for the role of Glinda in the Wicked movie last summer on the weekends while I was playing Elizabeth in The Dropout because I was like, “You know what? Yes, I have to play The Dropout’s last scene on Tuesday. I’ll give you my Sunday,” “Seyfried, who received an Emmy nod for The Dropout, remarked.

She then added, “I truly knelt down to portray the most difficult job of my life. But I also believe it helped me realise how far I’ve gone as a vocalist, which is something I really wanted to show. Since Les Miz, I’ve been thinking, “I need to be better.” I must perform better. So I’m finally ready for whatever musicals have in store for us next.”

Even earlier than that, Seyfried has been a fan of the show. On Variety’s Awards Circuit podcast, the Mean Girls actress said that she had been “campaigning for Wicked for five years.”

She remarked at the time, “I’ve never been more prepared to hit those notes.”
Seyfried has already shown her versatility in a variety of films, most notably as Cosette opposite Anne Hathaway in the Les Misérables movie and in both Mamma Mia! movies.
Last November, it was revealed that Ariana Grande will play Glinda, with Cynthia Erivo partnering with her as Elphaba. The adaptation, which will be two movies, is being directed by Jon M. Chu.

Erivo, 35, and Grande, 29, will formally begin rehearsing this month, she announced in an interview with Entertainment Tonight. Filming is anticipated to start before the end of the year.

The film’s release date was initially set for December 22, 2021, however, it was postponed because of COVID-19-related production issues. The Wicked movies would be released “on consecutive Christmas holidays commencing December 2024,” Chu hinted in April.