Duke Harry and Prince Charles are trying to reconcile their bond again!

The year started with the Duke and Duchess of England renowned their princely life and titles. Prince Harry and his wife Megan Markel were in a long-term relationship before getting married. The latter being an American actress and was not accepted by the family for the same reason.


Harry’s older brother, Prince William. He was the most reluctant to accept the same. As of now, the two have separated over the reason for their son’s education and they wanted to give him a non-princely life. The family has shifted to Canada. The brothers have reportedly come into conflict with each other over the same misconception. Prince Charles was the one who was the most unacceptable to their married life. 

How have the couple and their son been all this while?


The family is happy at this moment, the pandemic has rendered the two closer than before. In general terms, the pandemic has separated their loved ones from one another. However, the princely family has taken an opportunity to overcome their differences.

The brothers call each other on private zoom calls. This is a piece of news that should make the royal family happy. The brothers who first resorted to their differences. The pandemic has been an excuse for them to come closer to each other and resolve the misconceptions that the two had succumbed to.


The family has taken a toll at their silence that has separated them and has found it to be the right time to get in touch with each other to keep a check on each other. One thing we all can learn here is that despite all the differences, families need to come along together and share the bond of fraternity.