Warner Bros. Announces that Michael Keaton Will Return as the Batman Following ‘The Flash’

Keaton’s name was included as part of the upcoming Batgirl movie’s cast

We are still a long way away from The Flash‘s release, but there are some updates. It has been confirmed that Michael Keaton, who is returning as Batman, will star in the live-action Batgirl movie, which is being planned as an HBO Max exclusive. Keaton will be joining Leslie Grace (Batgirl/ Barbara Gordon). J. K. Simmons (Commissioner Gordon), Brendan Fraser (Firefly), and Jacob Scipio in an unknown role.

WB’s decisions

Warner Bros.

Since this notice came straight from Warner Bros. and not online leakers, it has to be taken officially, since they can’t possibly include Keaton’s name by mistake. This news does align with a former leak which claimed that Keaton’s Batman could be treated as the “Nick Fury of the DCEU” and appear in multiple projects in the future.

Directors Adil El Arbi and Bilal Fallah had previously announced that the movie is indeed part of the DCEU and that Batman exists and will appear in the Batgirl movie. People immediately assumed that it would be Ben Affleck, given that Simmons was starring. Things are looking murky right now, but hopefully our doubts will be answered in The Flash.

Fan reactions


Warner Bros.Michael Keaton’s return as The Dark Knight definitely brought a smile to fans’ faces, and him staying in the DCEU made it broader. However, it still does not deny the fact that DC is still trying really hard to copy the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s formula and are trying to shift our attention away from the Zack Snyder movies. Fans are united in saying that WB without a doubt needs better people in charge of the DC section, and stick to the dark and gritty content, instead of butchering up movies like the Justice League and making it a cheap cash grab.