War Machine: One of the Most Remembered Characters of All Time in Marvel Universe – A Review

War Machine, a record-breaking character that has shown wide acceptance in the world of action and comics. The character is not only close to the heart of its fans but also to those aspirers who have been following comic books. War Machine is a superhero, a fictional character who has been a part of the American comic books that was given space for appearance and showcase of talent in Marvel Comics. The first time Jim Rhodes, in the movie Iron Man #118 in January 1979 by the duo of John Byrne and David Michelinie.

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Significance of the character

The War Machine is known for its armor, which later became his signature armor used in wars, created by Len Kaminski and Kevin Hopgood, who shaped the armor into an iconic one that fans now remember the character for.

The Rhodes was trained as a pilot for an aircraft and a student of aviation engineering at the time when he was a part of the United States Marine Corps. The character is well known for his knowledge in business, derive benefits from the armored defense.

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Usually, the character is seen in competition with the iron man by the fans of marvel. Some believe the iron man wins the battle, while the other bunch says that it’s the War Machine. Who wins and loses in this battle doesn’t make them the winner. Both the characters are the winners; what matters is that the characters have been drilled into the heads of the viewers that they aspire to see the two characters as their ultimate superhero. Fans have seen the two characters in the respective marvel series that they have been a part of. Keeping away the competition, both the characters are wonderful with the way they are.