Batman’s Upcoming Editions will get New Jorge Jiménez Joker War-themed Variant Covers for the August Releases!

Nothing beats some Joker flavoured issues and Jiménez is a king when it comes to his art 

DC recently announced that Batman #96 and Batman #97 issues will be ready to be launched in August, and will be featuring Joker War-themed variant covers by Jorge Jiménez.

All the basic structures have been laid on the issue until now, and the Joker War will commence now, starting with Batman #95, which is going to be released in July as part of DC’s revised release schedule.

The Upcoming Issues

Source: Comics Beat

Keep in mind that all of the releases from DC on June, July and August will be taking place on Tuesdays.

Batman #96 will be releasing on August 4th. The issue is written by James Tynion IV and the interior art is going to be done by Jiménez, the main cover by Guillem March, and a variant by Francesco Mattina, apart from Jiménez’s Clownhunter version mentioned above.

The plot for Batman #96 will be about the Joker, who has brought out even more deadly weapons than he has used before, and Batman will have to focus on both Joker and his very own mind so as to not go insane. Will he be able to make amends to all those who follow him so that he can rely on them when the time comes? On the other hand, the Gotham rogues gallery are up to their own tricks and Catwoman is working on assembling her own army.

Meanwhile Batman #97 is scheduled to be released on August 18th, and will be written by Tynion IV, with art by Jiméne, and covers by March and Mattina. It will be featuring Jiménez’s Harley Quinn variant.

So decide on which variant you want to pick out. If you’re having trouble, then pick them all!