Cause of death revealed of ‘The Flash’ actor Logan Williams

The 16 year old, who had played young Barry Allen died of a fentanyl overdose, and his mother shares news of his three year battle with addiction 

It was a shock for all the fans of CW’s The Flash to learn that Logan Williams had died at the age of 16. Williams’ mother Marlyse Williams revealed the cause of death during an interview with the New York Post. 

Bringing addiction awareness

Williams, who played young Barry Allen in the show, died after overdosing on fentanyl, and his mother said that he had been battling with addiction over the past three years.

Marlyse stated that her son’s death will not be in vain and that this is going to help a lot of people in curbing their addictions.

Cause of death revealed of 'The Flash' actor Logan Williams 1


Marlyse discovered that her son had started smoking marijuana when he was 13, and at that time the young actor was juggling between school and acting on the Hallmark series When Calls the Heart, The ABC sci-fi series The Whispers and CW’s longtime show Supernatural. She then revealed that this led to him using other drugs and they had to seek help.

For helping her son overcome his addiction, she remortgaged their home and send him off to an expensive treatment center in the U.S. and last summer, sent him to a British Columbia Facility where he resided for a month. Afterwards, he shifted to a group home.

She explained that they didn’t reveal his struggle with addiction from the public out of being judged and criticized. She wanted her son to have whatever future he wished for.

The last time she saw her son was on March 30th and he told her that he was going to get better and start his life anew.