Wait Is Over!! Queen Elizabeth II is Ready To Embrace “The Crown” Season 3!! Checkout the plot, cast and story-line!!

Fans & supporters of royal drama series“ The Crown” its time to rejoice!! Netflix’s most successful and epic series is ready to hold the undivided attention of viewers. Season 3 will premiere on Nov 17 this year. A brand new trailer has been released featuring Olivia Colman looking royal and regal as Queen Elizabeth II.

Season 1 of The crown was premiered in 2016, conceived by two times Oscar nominee Peter Morgan.

In 2017 Season 2 was launched. The indisputable hit series won Golden Globe Award for Best Drama in 2017 and even managed to bag few Emmys.

Its been 20 months since the last season was on screen. The current season will feature an entirely new cast led by Oscar-winner Olivia Colman taking over the role of Claire Foy. Tobias Menzies is taking over from Matt Smith as Prince Philip. After every season, recasting is needed as it covers a long period. Aging makeup and prosthetics are not at all a practical solution.


The new stills have been released for the upcoming season. Season 3 will cover 13 years between 1964 till 1977. The episodes will have diversity with tenure of Labour Prime Minister Harold Wilson, Queen’s historic visit to the village of Aberfan, the rise of the Beatles, and England’s victory in the 1966 World Cup.

The royal drama will have some more fun and cheery episodes as per the sources. Season 3 will feature Camilla Shand and Prince Charles. The new season will reveal their dating period and how Prince Charles was made to wed Princess Diana due to circumstances.

Spectators’ expectations are very high for the forthcoming classy season. Fans are anxious to know whether Princess Diana will be present in the new season. She will not join the series till Season 4.

But alas, we have to wait for her presence patiently. In the meantime, let’s dwell on a royal era.