Wade is all set to join the MCU. Check out how MCU will get a new superhero.

Guys, Deadpool 3 is coming on your way. It is coming with a lot of different concepts, excitement, and also in part 3, a new character is going to join the MCU. Read on to know how Wade can join MCU.

‘Deadpool 3’ Theory: How Wade Can Join The MCU

In the two parts of Deadpool, Wade was absent.  Ryan Reynolds will finally play Wade, and the character will be joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). The filmmakers have created a new theory for Deadpool 3, where it will explain Wade’s absence in the previous movies.

The upcoming film will explain the theory behind the character Wade, why he didn’t fight with other superheroes in the Avengers: End Game. The list of MCU will be added with a new superhero very soon.

Fans may experience more new characters in the third installment of Deadpool along with Wade.

There are multiple ways in which Wade’s absence will be covered, and one way is that Wade could tell his audience that he is now a part of MCU, or can be shown in a funny scene in the upcoming part 3 in which Wade can be shown watching Marvel movies. He could also talk about the battles as if he was present there himself.

He can also insert himself animatedly in all past events of MCU. The Wade addition has opened up many possibilities. Fans will be able to experience some of the new characters in the third chapter of the Deadpool. But at the same time, reports say the fans might miss one of Wade’s friends. It seems T.J Miller will not return to the franchise. And Marvel Studios will probably cast someone else for the role.