Vivica A. Fox Urges Quentin Tarantino to Cast Zendaya as Bernita Green’s Daughter in Kill Bill Vol. 3! Check out all updates.

This comes amid all the requests from fans to the director to make a third installment to the hit films

Quentin Tarantino made Kill Bill in 2003 and Kill Bill Vol. 2 in 2004. The two movies were widely successful and since the second movie’s release, he had been bombarded with requests from fans to make a third part but it’s been sixteen years and apart from showing interest in a third movie, the director had not carried it forward.

Enter Vivica A. Fox

Tarantino had expressed his interest to create a third movie in July last year, and he had even discussed it with lead actress Uma Thurman, who plays the assassin known as The Bride. Back then he said he’s definitely thinking of doing the movie but it won’t be for another three years from now.

As for the story, he wanted to have the story follow the adult daughter of Vernita Green, who was played by Fox in the first movie. In that the daughter watches Vernita getting killed by The Bride, and The Bride tells her to find her if she wants revenge. Fox stated that if the original actress who played her daughter, Ambrosia Kelley doesn’t want to return for the role, then they should go with Zendaya.

Fox is enthusiastic about casting the Spider-Man: Homecoming star as both her and Uma Thurman are really tall, and they could perform some splendid fight scenes together. She felt that this would be a great way to bring Tarantino’s focus back to the movie.

Tarantino had previously mentioned that he would be retiring from feature filmmaking after his tenth film, and if he’s doing any sequels, it would be on Kill Bill. 


(Cover: Daily Express)