A Music Video With Late WWE Wrestler Ashley Massaro Starring In It just before her suicide Will Be Soon Released! Check it out.

The whole world lost a true fighter when WWE wrestler Ashley Massaro passed away after committing suicide back in May 2019. However, it seems like, before her tragic death, she starred in a music video and now the artists might release it.


A New Music Video Will Ne Released Soon With Late WWEWrestler Ashley Massaro Being A Part Of It!

Apparently, the wrestler was a part of a music video that actually was about suicide prevention. The video will be released by the artist after they have taken permission from Ashley’s family.

Her family has greenlit but still, the video will be a bittersweet one as Ashley is not going to be there to see it. Brian Orlando.write the song titled Choose Song and dedicated it to his own musical idol and hero Chris Cornell who also committed suicide back in 2017. Take a look at the short music video that talks about mental health and suicide.

The Makers Have Been Given The Green Light For The Release By Ashley’s Family.

The music video.aims to make people realize the power of music as Orlando went on to explain that with the power of music one is never going to be alone. He also asked Ashley Massaro to be a part of the video. The powerful song has been recorded by 90s alt-rockers Vinnie Dombroski from Sponge, Wheatus frontman Brendon B. Brown.


Orlando went on to explain how Ashle was battling with depression and after her death, it just didn’t felt right to release the video. He was crushed to the point when the whole project actually felt gross at that point. However, we hope the video helps people realize the power of music and the soothing quality of it!