Vinland Saga season 2: the real story of this historical anime series has just begun! Read to know exclusive updates, spoilers, storyline and more.

We will be seeing a major change in character in Thorfinn

Vinland Saga had been one of the best animes released in 2019, but it still remains underrated as others like Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, Fire Force and Dr. Stone managed to overshadow it. The Viking storyline, complete with the blood, gore and ships were all present in this anime.

And it had been made by WIT Studios, the same one behind Attack on Titan, and the animation was beautiful. We were able to see the harsh world that the Vikings lived in, the tyrant kings, and men fighting like savages and gutting each other. And in the middle of all this is a boy, who joined the very group of hired mercenaries that murdered his father, so that he would get his revenge.

Season 2 news

For now, there is no release date for season 2, and it’s safe to assume that it won’t be releasing this year. But it’s still very well happening. The makers have teased that Thorfinn is yet to see the big world for himself, and that his character will be changing abruptly. In season one, we saw him go from a smiley young boy to a teenager so hell-bent on getting revenge after witnessing his father get killed in front of his eyes, that he didn’t even bother to return home to his mother and sister and instead went off with Askeladd and his crew.

Thorfinn’s character has been based on real-life explorer Thorfinn Karlsefni, and many events in the story has been based on real-life events. An Amazon exclusive, the second season will be sure to contain the same elements as the first one, and the animation is going to wow us once again. More updates will be provided as soon as the studio gives reports on season 2’s release.

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