Village People’s founder and pioneer of dance music, Henri Belolo died at the age of 82. Major loss to the Music industry!

The French music producer and the songwriter, Henri Belolo died at the age of 82 on August 3, 2019.

The co-founder of “Village People” was born in 1936 in Casablanca, Morocco, to a model and a sailor. He started his career as an A&R man and Club DJ.

He was the main man behind the “six-men band” which gave the exclusively hit “Y.M.C.A”, ” In the Navy” and “Macho Man” along with Morali and Victor Willis.

The six-piece band was holding gay culture with fantasy characters and costumes.

The characters included a police officer, Indian, biker, construction worker, cowboy, and a soldier. Though the interesting fact is that, not being the one from the gay community, he supported the LGBT community.

In 1978, the six-member band released two albums “Macho Man” and “Cruisin.”

Jacques Morali, a friend of Henri, was a French disco and dance music record producer and a songwriter. He was also known for creating acts like The Ritchie Family and Village People along with Henri.

The duet made popular the breakdancing and hip hop dance in Europe around the year 1980s.

The French record label, Scorpio music, gave a Statement regarding the demise of famous songwriter. He said that with deep sorrow and announce the passing of Henri Belolo, the founder of Scorpio Music. He was a pioneer of dance music too. He passed away on Saturday, August 3, 2019. He added that they extend there deepest sympathies to Henri’s family. Henri will live in there hearts and minds forever.

Lead singer of Village People, Victor Willis in a statement to ‘Rolling Stone’ said that his death leaves an impressive body of work that helped shape the disco genre. As a record executive, he was par excellence. He added that A private funeral was held already in France, but they are working on a public memorial service which is expected to be announced soon.