Woody Harrelson and Donald Trump share a historical bond of Wired Dinner Pary! Harrelson’s pot was needed for the meeting!

Woody Harrelson our Zombieland star does a lot more than, just kicking zombie’s asses. In an interview with Esquire for the magazine’s September issue. He talked about his dinner with American president Donald Trump in 2002. He said, he thinks the dinner invitation was given to him because Ventura wanted someone else to watch Trump.

What happened at dinner with Trump?

The dinner was at the Trump Tower. Trump was just a property dealer at that time. So they all met there, they were four people, including Melania Trump. Melania was not Trump’s wife at that time. According to the Zombieland star, the dinner lasted for two and a half hours. He also told that at a fair dinner of four each get 25 percent of conversation but, Melania got 0.1 percent, he got 1 percent and Ventura 3 percent, and Trump took the rest. Harrelson said that the dinner was, so bad that he had to go out and burn one pot of marijuana before returning to the monologue monopoly.

The Zombieland star also, stated that he had seen many narcissists as he comes from Hollywood but, Trump was beyond them.

Harrelson’s other meeting!

He also revealed that he met vice president Mike Pence as the two attended college together. As a freshman, he gave a sermon to a youth group and, Mike was the guy running the show. He also said that he didn’t know how well they’d get along now, but they got along okay then.

What about Willie Nelson?

Woody Harrelson also talked about the impact of Willie Nelson on his life. He said he stopped smoking for two years, but, Nelson bought him back to smoking marijuana. He also mentored him and encouraged him to move to Hawaii.

Woody Harrelson and Donald Trump share a historical bond of Wired Dinner Pary! Harrelson's pot was needed for the meeting! 3

Zombieland 2

Harrelson is coming back with the zombie world in Zombieland 2. The movie is releasing on 18th October 2019. The cast included Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg, Emma Stone, and Abigail Breslin along with some new faces.