Shawn Mendes has turned 21st! Checkout how he celebrated his birthday!!

Shawn Mendes has been a significant interest among the people as everyone wants to know the amazing life he has.

“If I can’t have you,” singer Shawn Peter Raul Mendes was born on August 8, 1998. He was born in Toronto suburb of Pickering, Ontario. His father is Portuguese, Manuel Mendes, a real estate businessman while his mother is a citizen of England.

At the age of 14 in the year 2012, Mendes learned to play guitar by watching tutorial videos on YouTube. He started posting videos which were liked by many people. He released his first single “Life of the Party” on June 26, 2014.

Shawn Mendes with Camila Cabello!

This year, he chose to celebrate his birthday with rumored girlfriend, Camila Cabello. They were spotted when they were leaving the restaurant, Jack’s Wife Freda in New York City on Thursday (August 8). They were delighted, and their happiness was visible by there smiles. They were holding hands, and on asking how Shawn is planning to celebrate his birthday, Shawn requested the cameraman to let him and Cabello walk down the street peacefully. The report captured by TMZ cameraman.

Fans also spotted them walking the streets of NYC together. In a video posted to Twitter, you can see Camila pulling Mendes towards her. Look how adorable they look together.

Though they have no plans to officially declare that they are together but, it is becoming quite evident that both of them enjoy spending time with each other. It looks like creating these happy moments with Camila and treasuring them is the way Shawn wanted to celebrate his birthday.

It’s not too late that the couple enjoyed there Romantic time in Miami and where spotted making out at the beach. Before the release of Señorita, the rumors of there relation was on a boom, but who knew that the talks were not just rumors, but something was cooking between them. People enjoy seeing them together, and hopefully, they will confirm that they are together by themselves.