Victoria Secret Model Alexina Graham Is Celebrating This Festive Season In A Bold New Avatar!

With the festive season just around the corner, Victoria Secret’s models are gearing up for the holiday season in their unique way! Take a look at the article below to get into the details.

Alexina Graham Is Celebrating The Holiday Season With Her New Look!

British model Alexina Graham is all about the holiday season as she stunned fans with her extremely bold look in red lingerie and the Victoria Secret’s model is setting some major fitness goals for all of us. Here’s the picture where the model is looking absolutely stunning and fans are all in awe!

In a rather bold look and all covered in a red bow like attire, the model left little to the imagination as she uploaded some steamy images on social media. Graham managed to create history as the underwear brand’s first redhead Angel.

The Red-Head Beauty Is Setting Major Fitness Goals!

While she was bullied back in her childhood for her fierce locks, it turned out to be the biggest treasure for her in the modelling industry. The model has opened about it a while ago saying she like many redheads used to be bullied, but having a redhead is a powerful part of her identity. Alexina has an impressive social media presence and fans  simply cannot get enough of this beautiful woman.

Alexina was earlier tested for COVID and had to be hospitalized after showing some symptoms including food poisoning and fever. She had a full recovery. The model has joined the elite model group last year. The model is a powerful woman and an inspiration for all on how to be bold and comfort table despite all the bullying that she faced earlier.