Tyler Cameron says that he has no hard feelings for Gigi Hadid…what about her?

They have never confirmed their relationship, to begin with. Now, Tyler Cameron has officially announced that he and his now ex-girlfriend, Gigi Hadid, were something that lasted only to the summer. As he made an appearance on the People TV, Tyler Cameron, who is a well-known Bachelorette alum, has revealed that he and Gigi Hadid did not work out romantically and that they have no hard feelings for one another. He reflected that they are still good friends, after all.

Then Tyler Cameron was asked if he looked back to their relationship, what is the thing he would fondly remember. Tyler Cameron replied that he was really glad that they haven’s burn any bridges between them. He added that he did enjoy the romance. Then Tyler went on to add that out of this relationship though he did not see it romantically fit, he did get a genuine friend out of the whole situation.

Image: MarieClaire

Tyler Cameron said that Gigi Hadid was a great person and that he has met a great friend and added that he met with someone great. Tyler Cameron reflected that she is someone for whom he has a lot of respect and that he thinks highly of her.

Tyler Cameron explained that their break up was not bad, like most of the time. Sources close to both Tyler Cameron and Gigi Hadid revealed that both Tyler and Gigi were not in the right place of their careers to be dating each other.

Tyler Cameron added that both of them were at different parts of their lives at the moment and that they are still friends anyway.

Meanwhile, Gigi Hadid never said anything about her relationship with Tyler Cameron before and after the break-up. Earlier this month, she wore a sweatshirt with words “Boys Lie, Goodbye” printed on it. It was not revealed if the words are directed to Tyler Cameron or not.