Tsukimichi – Moonlit Fantasy : With Episode 12 Launch, Season 2 for the Popular Anime Already in Works

Tsukimichi – Moonlit Fantasy season 2 confirmed!

The television anime Tsukimichi -Moonlit Fantasy- (alternate-world social reform fantasy) will officially return for another season! This has been a piece of much-awaited news for the fans of the series. The official website announced the same earlier on September 22.

Tsukimichi -Moonlit Fantasy-Anime: season 2

C2C took to the official website to announce the return of the show for season 2. They also made a post about the same on the official Twitter account. Further, the website released a teaser video on their official YouTube account. However, they didn’t reveal any other details about season 2 like release date, cast, etc. But, they did claim to tell more in the coming days.


Tsukimichi -Moonlit Fantasy is an adaptation of Kei Azumi’s Japanese fantasy light novel series. The television anime series first premiered on July 7 on Tokyo MX. The last episode of the Tsukimichi -Moonlit Fantasy anime season 1 aired on September 22. Kei Azumi first launched the novel in 2012. Later AlphaPolis published the novel after Mitsuaki Matsumoto did the sketches on June 23.

The story of the much-loved series follows the life of a normal high school student, Makoto Misumi. But, out of the blue, he gets invited to another world to turn into a hero. Nevertheless, the supreme of the otherworld takes away his title as a hero. Further, she propels him to a place filled with dangerous non-human forms. Eventually, Makoto runs into many creatures he never saw back in his world. The story proceeds on how will Makoto come out alive of the place while being able to vent untold magical powers and battle skills. In addition, Makoto seeks to make the otherworld a better venue.


Shinji Ishihara (Super Lovers) directed the anime and Kenta Ihara wrote the series scripts for C2C. While Yukie Suzuki designed the characters, Yasuharu Takanashi composed the music.

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