The Hanging Sun : Charles Dance and Peter Mullan Join the Jo Nesbo’s Noir-thriller Adaptation

New cast in “The Hanging Sun”

Two new actors joined “The Hanging Sun” cast. Peter Mullan and Charles Dance is reportedly going to be a part of this upcoming movie based on Jo Nesbo’s bestselling novel “Midnight Sun”.


The story of this noir thriller movie follows John, son of a powerful crime lord, Dad. He is on run as he betrayed his father. Running from his family, John takes shelter near a isolated village, in a forest. Other characters who plays important roles in the film are a woman named Lea and her son Caleb.

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Mullan will be playing the role of Dad and on the other side Charles Dance will play the role of Lea’s father. Frederick Schmidt and Raphael Vicas will be producing “The Hanging Sun” Also the script is written by Stefano Bises while the Emmy nominated Francesco Carrozzini is director of the film.

The idea behind the film

Carrozzini was introduced to the original novel years ago. He said that he started working with an agent name Steve Rabneau, who become his good friend. Steve introduced Carrozzini to his wife Sylvie who represents Jo Nesbo. Sylvie gave him “Midnight Sun”. After reading the book Carrozzini understood right away that he wanted to make a film of it. The incredible setting and characters inspired him.

The movie is set on a part of Norway, where the sun never sets. This is also a very interesting part of the film.

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The other cast members of the movie are Alessandro Borghi playing John, Jessica Brown Findlay as Lea. Sam Spruell is also in the film playing role of twins.

Currently “The Hanging Sun” is filming in Ålesund and Fosnavåg, towns in Norway. The movie will release in cinema and also broadcast on Sky in Italy, the U.K., Ireland, Germany and Austria.

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