Tory Lanez, K Michelle and Questlove back up Jill Scott after she is called ugly by Kyle Queiro! Check it out.

Kyle Queiro, the former NFL linebacker recently came up with a question with which she attacked the popular Philly singer. She asked that what makes the singer so attractive? Whereas, Jill Scott’s fans on social media took no time to come up to support him.

Tory Lanez from Toronto was one of them. The person came up with  succinct words on Scott’s behalf. He said that People should not believe a nigga who doesn’t think Jill Scott is attractive. However, he was not the only one to get into the dispute. There are thousands of people. And one of them is artist, K Michelle. In addition, Questlove of the roots also stood in the singer’s support.

Quest tweeted that Jill Scott is the most sexy human ever. To which K Michelle added that indeed he is one of the sexiest of his time. He also said that he just hates dead brain jocks.

However, it took no time for this matter to end after Queiro deleted his previous post that questioned what’s attractive in Jill Scott. And after seeing so many people standing in support with the singer  Queiro deleted all his tweets. He also apologised later saying that his words weren’t able to explain what he meant to say.

However, their battle brought the largest increment in streams with a rise of about 217 percent. After this the highest streaming percentage was 219 from the battle of Bounty Killer and Beenie Man. And after that it got down to ninety and thirty percent for the battle of Teddy Riley and Babyface and Nelly and Ludacris respectively.

Whatever the matter may be, it made Jill Scott go trending for some time. And that’s pretty good.