Darius Rucker and Beth Leonard have officially Broken Up!!! What went wrong? Read for all updates.

The popular singer and songwriter, Darius Rucker and his wife are getting seperate. The couple married 20 years ago and has been an adorable pair since then. But suddenly what happened after these 20 years that made them go apart from each other? Read the full article to find out…


The news about their separation was shared on Saturday by the lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist of rock band Hootie & the Blowfish. He also added to the news saying that the divorce is amicable.

Rucker shared through his Instagram account saying that Beth and he want to share a news with their fans. He said that after so many years of togetherness they have decided to consciously uncouple. However, they will always stay connected by remaining close friends and will bring up their children together. Moreover, he also added that they are gonna be the biggest cheerleaders for each other even after being apart.


The singer and his wife has two children. Elder one is a daughter, whose name is Daniella Rose. She is 19 years old. They also have a son Jack, who is 15 years of age. And as per the news shared by the singer they will take care of them together because family will always remain the foremost priority.


Although there’s no specified reason for the couple to get apart but there’s still a confusion among the fans. They used to admire the couple so much and this sudden news has shocked millions of his fans. However, it’s their decision and we hope that whatever they are doing is for good. But the fans still wish for the couple to stay together. Unfortunately, this may not happen now. Stay tuned for more updates regarding the entertainment industry.