Reese Witherspoon performed a Tiktok dance on her son’s latest single and it’s definitely worth watching.

She has finally become the educator! Back in October 2019, Deacon Phillippe showed mother Reese Witherspoon all that she had to think about TikTok, and after nine months, she’s making moves of her own. In particular, she’s making movement to humiliate her 16-year-old — you know, similar to any mother with a young person would. Any mother should not be underestimated, she has plethora of knowledge and capabilities to prove herself even if she does not shows it.

On Friday, Deacon discharged his first single, “Since a long time ago Run,” with artist Nina Nesbitt. Reese communicated her pride through a few Instagram posts, stating, “It’s the ideal summer bop with a wiped out beat and dope drops (is that what the children state 🤗?!).” Spoken like a genuine mother! Loved the story right. She definitely has the nudge in her!

She likewise plunked down to tune in to the track with Deacon, and that is the point at which the move moves began getting through. “At the point when your child has his first single… you gotta move!” she subtitled the comical TikTok video, which shows Deacon in top “turn away your eyes” mode. You can hear his exasperated “No, mother, no!” from miles away, yet he must’ve come around later since he answered to her post with a sweet, “Hahahahah I love you🤣.” Watch the charming clasp above to see Reese bother her child in the most steady manner.

Now it is very evident that Tik Tok or not people who have the thirst for talent and learning find a way to show their talents.  Believe or not if you have that spark in you, then you can do anything!