Tim McGraw’s Relapse may Prove Fatal for his Marriage with Faith Hill

One Tabloid claimed that Tim McGraw maybe is in relapsing which is deeply worrying his wife Faith Hill. The reporter of National Enquirer reported some facts about TIM. According to them, Tim has been spotted buying booze. His family and closed ones are afraid that it will return his old demons. The reporter shared a few pictures McGraw in alcohol section of a store with one bottle of wine in his cart. This was indeed a proof that McGraw is on the edge of falling off from the wagon.

Credit : Reader Online

An insider also released some facts about Tim to One Tabloid reporter

It has been almost eleven years since he has been sober, still he likes to throw a party. A insider who is close to their family has eventually also released some details about him. He told the reporter that they both like to throw a party and there is plenty of alcohol available in their home. However, Tim’s wife Faith is worried for him. If by any chance he relapses then it can be fatal blow for their marriage.


Faith also claims that it has happened one time before and it has been tough for their marriage. According to her whenever he gets addicted, he does things which he usually does not do. Like he start flirting with other women or if someone look at him in a wrong way he just brawls in.

Faith has already given Tim warning if he gets back to his addiction then she will leave him with their daughters. This was indeed a motivation for Tim to get sober. Tim always tries to be a better husband for Faith, and she is just praying that the addictions do not hit him again. Therefore there is still hope for Tim since it was just a bottle of wine at last. Therefore, this does not necessarily mean he is getting back to be an addict.