Sadly, ‘Whitney Thore’ Breaks-up with her Fiancee ‘Chase.’ He’s Embracing Parenthood this Year with Another Partner. Read Further to Know the Details

Whitney Thore, who is a fat girl from ‘My Big Fat Fabulous Life’ diagnosed with ovarian syndrome which made her to gain 200 pounds in just one year of college. The show is about her life. It shows how she lost her weight and came into a more stable lifestyle, both physically and mentally. Recently, she has posted on Instagram about her personal life. In the post she wrote that she has some good news and a bad news to share with her fans.

Starting with the good news, her fiancé Chase is going to be father. The bad news is the baby does not belong to Whitney and the two of them are not together not anymore. This means Chase and Whitney are not together anymore.

Whitney also shared the news that for a long time Chase is seeing another woman with whom he had a long history. Therefore, Chase recently accepted that he is having a baby and he will be a father in October. Whitney in her caption also asked her fans not to be vindictive. She does not want any support or any hateful comments for anyone. Meanwhile, after Whitney posted about this information Chase too posted.

He also told he is nothing but greatful for the time he has spent with Whitney. And he further wrote as they separate their ways from each other he expect each other’s privacy for good.

This breakup was rumoured from months when both Whitney and Chase erased all of their photos together from their social media account. Even though many fans are disappointed from this decision and think what Chase did was wrong. However, they both seem perfectly fine with each other’s decision therefore their fans should also support them.