‘The Wrong Missy’: Netflix has a superb comedy movie just for you! Here is everything we know about the release date, cast, plot and more updates.

Netflix has been planning for a comedy movie named, The Wrong Missy which is penned down by Kevin Barnett and his colleague Chris Pappas. This movie is directed by Tyler Spindel. The film is produced by the producer who has produced several Netflix Originals, for example, Murder Mystery; yes the Production House’s name is Happy Maddison Production.


Excited to know the release date of this wonder? Then we have good news for you. Earlier it was bound to release on the 8th of May but then due to Pandemic its release got halted. Now, it was moved further to 13th May, 2020. Hence, it is already released. So, go and watch it ASAP as it is streaming online at Netflix that too globally. The movie was shoot in Hawaii in 2019. The total showtime of it is 89 minutes.



Here is a very short outline of the whole film, because we do not want you to miss watching this amazingly made film. Tim, a rich businessman, finally meets his dream girl and sent him the recruitment letter but accidentally it happens to land up at another girl’s place. Leading to a lot of Comedy and Fun!


Whom will you meet in this movie?

The role of Tim is portrayed by David Spade (Joe Dirt Actor), Missy is Lauren Lapkus (Orange is the New Black, Jurassic World Actress), Missy is Molly Sims (Yes Man Actress), Nate is Nick Swardson, Calvin Sr. is John Farley, Rich is Chris Witsake Camille is Candace Smith, Sarah Chalke (How I Met Your Mother Actress), Geoff Pierson, and Vanilla Ice.


Watch the trailer now to get to know the hint of the crazy love story of Tim and her mistaken Missy.