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Lucifer Season 5 is Arriving Soon with All the Main Characters Appearing Back in the Show

credit: metro.co.uk

Lucifer is a Netflix original series about “Lucifer” who is son of gold and king of hell. The series has already given us four successful seasons and now we are looking forward to the fifth season. Now the big question is would there be a fifth season and if yes, then who are the characters that are coming back. Unfortunately the fifth season would be the last season of the series. Modrovich who is the director of the show shared a letter on Twitter to his fans in which she mentioned the news about fifth season.

The trailer of Lucifer season 5 is already out on YouTube and it is almost of 2:30 minutes

In the fourth season we saw Lucifer killing Cain and his devil face is revealed to Chole Decker. Lucifer also decided to go back to hell to handle the demons there and be good angle at the same time. It was a sad goodbye from Lucifer to earth and especially to Chole Decker.

Release Date

We are expecting the first eight episodes in the year 2020. Since there is no confirmation therefore this date can be pushed further away due to current situations. In this next season the story will mainly revolve around Chole and Lucifer. Chole also knows now who is Lucifer in reality.

The interesting fact about 5th season of the show is related to the main characters

The main characters of the show will return, like Tom Ellis as Lucifer himself and Lauren German as Chole Decker. In this season we will also see Dennis Haysbert who would be seen as Almighty or Lucifer’s father. Other characters such as Dan, Ella Lopez, Maze, Lesley, Rachael would also be played by same actors. We could or could not see Inbar Lavi in this season as Eve it is kept as an element of surprise.